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Healthy relationships are essential for your health and wellbeing. If you are alone, isolated or in an unhappy relationship or situation you could face serious health risks.
Remember, your first relationship starts with you. If you like and accept yourself just the way you are, you are more likely to be tolerant of others.
If, however, you tend to be overly critical and suffer from low self-esteem, you could project these shortcomings onto others resulting in conflict or strained relationships.
A healthy relationship requires self-awareness, emotional intelligence (EQ), the will to make the partnership work, and dedication from both parties.
As a certified Inner Life Skills Master Coach, Steph assists you to navigate the stormy waters of relationships with yourself, your professional or romantic relationships.
In her coaching sessions, she equips you as an individual or you as a couple with the necessary life skills to make your relationship work in the way you desire.

Steph’s personal coaching sessions are effective in:

  • Developing self-esteem and confidence in any area of your life.
  • Transforming strained relationships at home or at work.
  • Learning how to resolve conflict in professional, personal and romantic relationships

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Increase your emotional intelligence with the Enneagram

Discover how and why you influence the world with your unique personality with the Integrative Enneagram assessment. The Enneagram is a personality system that brings understanding to what motivates our behaviour and emotions. The nine distinct personality types show your emotional outlook on life.
Steph uses this system to help you develop your sense of self, build relationships, and resolve conflict. She offers the assessment and coaching sessions to help you understand your type and how to use it in the world of relationships and personal development.

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