Divorce and kids – The Eusebius McKaiser 702 Talk Show

Divorce and kids – The Eusebius McKaiser 702 Talk Show

Published March 13, 2017, 12:19 PM

Communication and co-parenting tips for divorced parents

It’s important to establish healthy communication and boundaries after divorce.

Relationship coach Stephanie Dawson-Cosser says couples can part ways amicably if they don’t have children.

However, co-parenting will force parents to communicate with their exes, no matter how difficult.

In a healthy divorce, the important outcomes is how the parents are going to connect and relate in their ongoing and re-shaped relationship.

— Stephanie Dawson-Cosser, relationship coach

She advises that all legal decisions made during the divorce process need to make in the “best interest of the children”.

So much of what happens after the divorce is dependent on how the divorce process is handled.

— Stephanie Dawson-Cosser, relationship coach

Dawson-Cosser says that divorced parents need to construct a parenting plan through a mediated process.

She explains that there is a great deal of emotional trauma experienced by children of divorced parents, while parents struggle with their new identities as single and divorced.

According to Dawson-Cosser, it is important for divorced parents to seek individual counselling and support to deal with the divorce process.

Every person going through a divorce is a going through a grieving process simultaneously.

— Stephanie Dawson-Cosser, relationship coach

Several listeners called in with moving and personal stories about parenting and divorce stories, as Dawson-Cosser shared the following tips:

  • be open with your child about your emotions and ‘ex’
  • do not bad mouth your ‘ex’ to your child and allow them to be present
  • find a level of honesty that is age appropriate
  • relieve your child of any guilt about the divorce
  • support your child as they deal with the divorce
  • be responsible for your choices and relationships
  • set a foundation of core values as co-parents

Take a listen to her expert advice:

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