Does it still take a village to raise a child? – The Eusebius McKaiser 702 Talk Show

Does it still take a village to raise a child? – The Eusebius McKaiser 702 Talk Show

Published Aug 21, 2017, 3:02 PM

It takes a village to raise a child. We are all familiar with the proverb, but how many of us actually practice it?

Relationship coach Stephanie Dawson-Cosser says this connection is something we long for. It is an important part of shaping a person fully, but according to Dawson-Cosser, we are too focused on our nuclear families.

We are hardwired for that sense of belonging. We seek it. The question is do we have it?

— Stephanie Dawson-Cosser, Relationship coach

The biggest reason for the decline in community involvement, according to Dawson-Cosser, is ever-changing society. It is difficult to focus on those around you when you have so many concerns for yourself and immediate family.

However, Dawson-Cosser says that she has seen people realise they can help each other and build each other up when they see how much they have common. This can happen through group conversations.

Living behind closed doors, high walls in urban ares, even when we live in tight physical communities in our locations, there is still a sense of what happens behind my door, stays behind my door.

— Stephanie Dawson-Cosser, Relationship coach

The idea behind raising a village comes from being neighbourly. Children are in contact with their peers at schools or after school programmes, but in order to build up those relationships properly, adults need to build those relationships as well.

Dawson-Cosser says that the nuclear family play a role in how those relationships are formed. She says the social relationship in the home determines the social behaviour out of the home.

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