Do you need to press the Pause button?

Do you need to press the Pause button?

Do you need to press the PAUSE button?

In my teen’s music evolved from being recorded on vinyl records to cassette tapes. Not only did this mean music became mobile for the first time, but at the push of a button, we could select which song we wanted to listen to. A simple press of REW or FF would find us listening to a few seconds of scrambled screeching indecipherable sound and then press STOP followed by PLAY and the music of our choice filled the room. Each button had to be purposefully pressed to source the starting point of the song.

Where are you in your life?

  • REW – Living in the past, battling to be present in the moment?
  • PLAY – The song of choice (inflow)?
  • FF – Screeching through life at a pace hardly able to breathe feeling overwhelmed desperate for someone to press the STOP button
  • STOP – Feeling stuck at a crossroad?
  • PAUSE – Checking things out, looking at options, needing time to think?

Whether after a death or divorce a sense of looking back seems to be our present – if only I could REW and re-write that bit of my life. Sadly, this is not possible except in movies and science fiction books.

If we are at PLAY our life will be in-flow, we will experience life as predominantly joyous, fulfilling and not too demanding. We are at ease with ourselves and the world.

More frequently we find ourselves in FF. I remember a time when in response to the question ‘how are you?’ I would reply “Busy, busy, busy – I want to stop the world and get off” as if it were a fast speed train ride – I wish! The trouble was that life was speeding me forward only because I was allowing it too!

It’s not about “work-life balance” –but rather seeking to balance work and life! Can you hear the difference?

“Going not forward but inward is the sort of progress that really counts the sort that gives you wings”

Sue Monk-Kidd from When the heart waits.

Coaching provides the space to press pause on life for an hour or so, to take stock on all that is keeping you in FF and to take the inward journey to organize and restructure firstly, ones thinking and then the action – it’s as if your train journey of life did stop for a while and chose a new route to take.

It is a kind of inward journey to check-in with oneself and does a little re-balancing of work and life.

Do you need to stop the world and get off?

Need some time to think?

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