Lets start 2019 with Gratitude

Lets start 2019 with Gratitude

I am sitting in the early morning viewing the garden refreshed after 24 hours of rain, and wondering if the sun will shine or is there more soaking rain to come today…

Twenty-four hours ago, sitting in the same place, the vegetables and herbs looked shrivelled up and finished for the season. This morning they look alive with new energy to grow and flower for the rest of summer, which means I can continue to imagine tasty meals which I can create from our garden – one of the many things I can be grateful for when I am at home.

But I do not always feel so inspired! Ten days ago I had a foot operation; the surgeon prepared me for the pain, the bed-rest required for six weeks and limited movement on crutches. What the surgeon did not prepare me for is how I should keep my spirits high, my mind in positive thought and in this case doing as the doctor ordered – resting! I thought I would read, and listen to podcasts and knit and do all the things I love to do when I am in work mode….but the pain has a habit of stealing the energy it takes to even do the things we know we enjoy.

Our moods fluctuate for a variety of reasons: “time of the month”; the company we keep; whether we have had enough sleep and healthy regular meals; our sense of fulfilment in our daily work, play and the quality of our relationships.

We do have some choices. I could choose to keep the curtains closed or….as I did this morning, picked up my crutches and took the few steps to our kitchen sofa that overlooks the veggie garden and be inspired by the new life the rain has brought and then think of all the other things I am grateful for. For some reading this, 2019 might be opening new doors of study, new work or relocation and new opportunities.

For others, it could be looking like “ just more of the same” or even bigger challenges than you have had before. Either way – we have the choice to look for what we can be grateful for every day, every hour.

When we turn our thoughts from what we do not have to what we do have – it might take a little effort to find one little thing you are grateful for; but once you find one thing, it becomes remarkably easier to find another and another.

Share your gratitudes on our facebook page with photos or a message – we would love to share in your gratitudes and spread the JOY in 2019.

Around here we don’t look  
backwards for very Long…

We keep Moving forward,
opening up new doors and
doing NEW things because
we’re curious…

and CURIOSITY keeps
leading us down
New Paths

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My Wish for you…

May your heart be filled with love and your home filled with blessings.

May your light shine brightly and your dreams come true.

May your days be filled with joy, laughter and divine abundance.

This is my wish for you…

May you have a spectacular New Year.

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