New Year’s Resolutions. Blog #6

New Year’s Resolutions. Blog #6

what is the point...

January 1st seems to come around with increasing speed each year.

Every December the countdown starts on the day
when I am wondering what I should be working
on in the coming year!

Recurring promises to self-end up looking
something like “I want to be a better version of me.”

1. Be Healthier
2. Lose weight
3. Saving Money
4. Travel the world

But what does that actually mean?

We need to translate our New Year’s aspirations
into practical steps.

When we feel disappointment about ourselves, someone or something, it is because
we had an expectation that it will be as simple as 1,2,3, – a snap of the fingers – the swish of a magic wand to achieve a goal overnight.

Eyes on the prize...

People who have really achieved, who stand out from the crowd whether it is in sport, art, academics, career or business; all refer back to a time when days were tough and needed to burn the midnight oil.

Many times, they had to dig deep and keep going with their eyes fixed on the goal, not the obstacles that surrounded them!

That kind of testimony speaks to their personal commitment, their tenacity to hang-in no matter what!

If you ask such people ” how did you keep going?” they will often respond with great appreciation for one or two people who had faith in them and who held them accountable to the short, medium and long-term goals.

We all need someone to co-journey with us through our ups and downs who will keep the torchlight burning. We need someone who believes in us.

That person might be a coach or mentor, a parent or a loved one.

Whether business goals for growth and development or personal ones such as reading 3 books per month or getting walking-fit for a hiking holiday – all resolutions need the commitment of time, focus and energy. We are really talking about creating new habits.

So how do we turn our New Year’s resolutions into purposeful habits?

Purposeful habits for 2019 and Beyond...

Here are a few ideas : 

  • Create a Vision Board with short, medium and long-term goals which are aligned with your beliefs and values.
  • Sign up with a Coach for personal and professional growth and development. Your coach will assist you in being accountable for your development.
  • Break down each goal into small achievable steps.
  • Celebrate each step as you work towards your goal.


  • Discover how coaching enables you to tap into the resources within.
  • Book your place at the Vision Board workshop – bring your friends too!
  • Understand yourself and significant other through the Enneagram – come on your own, come as a couple.
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