Where I come from is important…

Where I come from is important…

Where I come from is important…

When you suddenly realize that you are not satisfied with your life, work is drudgery, and life feels like a drag – it’s time to do some searching.

Now’s the time to ask yourself some questions about what you want for your life. But, don’t be intimidated by the gravity of the questions because amazingly enough, just the act of creating some questions, holds the possibility of breaking the cycle of boredom or feeling stuck in a rut.

Start by asking yourself:

Do I have a story that I tend to tell over and over again?

Perhaps it is a story about your boss; or your spouse who disappointed you? It could have been a sports coach who you put on a pedestal; or a teacher who embarrassed you in front of the class. Do you find yourself telling a story from your past and realizing that your present life is just not where you thought it would be?

What are the stories that have shaped your life?

We cannot re-write history – but we can design the present and plan for the future!

I can almost hear you saying: “That’s impossible… How do you do that?” It is possible for all of us with just a little effort and knowing that someone has got your back!

We all know Martin Luther King Jr’s speech “I have a dream …. “


… and at some point we all had dreams.YesWeCanFramed-389x450

Well – I want you to know that we can have dreams again! When we get in touch with that part of us, it is as if we come alive again. Something awakens in us that enables us to look up from the drudgery of everyday routines to something beyond; an aspiration, a goal, a place to visit, a skill to learn; something that you wanted to do, or be, but you set it aside.


As Obama’s campaign of 2008 reminds us: “Yes we can!” 

We can use our past to inform us about some of our skills and strengths – what we like and do not like. What we want more of and less of in our life. What energizes us and what depletes us. All that information begins to create a foundation, by which we can build upon to design our present and plan for the future.

So, what is it that you want to achieve in your lifetime?

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