Times – they are changing!

Times – they are changing!

Autumn is here.

Living in Johannesburg, which is known as the “greenest city in Africa” we are reminded that there is a change of season upon us.  Not just by the cooler temperatures.  But as the trees change colour and drop their leaves with each breeze and heavy rainfall.

I love this time of year as it is a brief relief from the summer heat (which I truly love), the leaves falling are a symbol of the opportunity to review life afresh and to check-in with self about:

  • What I am doing?
  • Who I am being?
  • Is there work, tasks, and responsibilities I need to be “letting go of” or putting down?
  • And like the soil soaking up the rain to nurture growth for a new season, what do I need to be preparing for?

Each season brings its own gifts!

What is this Autumn inviting you to reflect on?

If you would like to take time to think about this season of your life – give me a call!

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