Autumn Newsletter – Times are Changing

Autumn Newsletter – Times are Changing

Autumn Newsletter – Times are Changing

Note from the Author

We are almost halfway through May! The nights are drawing in, it is almost time to light the fires and make Glühwein, curl up with an enthralling book on a Friday night! Autumn is the season of shedding, of letting go.
In my coaching space, I am meeting a number of new clients who have woken up to a life-crossroad, a new awareness something has to change. Whether it’s a seeking new a job or a desire for a more purposeful relationship or re-igniting a marriage that has gone a bit stale, autumn seems to bring a season of reflection and review of one’s life.

  • What is going well? – Can I do more of it?
  • What is not going well? – Reassess do I need to keep this going? Can I delegate it? What is the value it offers in my life? How can I do it differently?
  • What am I enjoying in my life? – Can I do more of it?
  • What am I not enjoying? – Can I do less of it or stop altogether?
  • What exhausts me? Enrages me? – Is it in my control to do less of that, or change it?
  • What refreshes and rejuvenates me? – How can I do more of that?

If we just take these few questions seriously, we can create the pathway to a life full of meaning and purpose because it combines doing what we need to do to fulfil our responsibilities and more of appreciating what revives us from within.

If you feel stuck at your crossroad, let’s meet and have a “think together” and find what is limiting assumptions you hold and find the question that will enable you to find your alternative liberating assumption!

Equine Assisted Learning

A Day at the 

Equine Assisted Learning is a relatively new expression of coaching. It has been my privilege to collaborate with the team at the EARTH Centre for the Equine Leadership workshops with corporate teams. We learn quickly in the presence of the horses about social safety, relationship boundaries, collaboration, teamwork, integrity and personal integration of head, heart and gut. We get in touch with our emotions which often limit us due to assumptions and beliefs we hold about ourselves and others.

Working with Natalie Stobäus, her equine and human team is proving to be a gift for our clients to discover personal truths that assist them to grow in courage, truth, confidence and resilience.

Earth Centre

Couples Retreat 2019


Good communication is at the centre of every working relationship! Once we are over the honeymoon period of our relationship we need to remember to practice good communication – we do that by listening well to each other, spending quality time together, living in the present and planning for the future. We need to give time to each other to grow individually as well as time together to nurture our relationship. This retreat weekend will provide the opportunity to have some honest conversations together, learn some tools for conflict resolution; and to create a vision board which gives expression to shared values, plans and dreams.

Our venue will provide comfortable bedroom suites, good food, quiet places to take country walks, and relax in nature as well as a lovely airy room where our sessions will take place.

Couples Retreat Weekend Workshop | JHB

06-08 September 2019 – Cost and Venue TBC SOON.

The Thinking Environment®

Training Environment

“Go slow to go fast!”

The Thinking Environment®️ is a way of being in the world. The work of Nancy Kline is recognised as a transformational set of behaviours called the 10 Components and we can impact the environment by just offering one of these behaviours in our interactions with one another at home and in the workplace.


Introduction to Time To Think Masterclass® | JHB
05 June 2019 – R1850pp
Time To Think about your Vision for 2020 & Beyond East London
7 June 2019 | Transforming Meetings – R2 200 pp
08 June 2019 | Creating a Vision for your Life – R1 650 pp
Book both days for ONLY – R3 500 pp
All refreshments and materials included
Couples Retreat Weekend
06 – 08 September 2019 | Cost TBC | Venue TBC soon

To find out more about workshops or an event near you visit my website or contact me.

You can also read my latest “Blog #10 “Times are changing” or listen to one of my Podcasts online?

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go!

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