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A happy team is a productive team. As in all areas of life, happiness depends largely on your connection with others.

If team members experience conflict and don’t know how to solve it, it could affect the bottom line of a company. Or if individuals’ personal lives get in the way of their work, the whole team could suffer.
Building strong relationships among colleagues, and managers or leaders and their teams will ensure that your company grows and prospers.

Steph works around your unique challenges and goals. She creates a solution that meet the requirements of your team.

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Workshops for the workplace

How much time do you spend in meetings? How productive are they? Are you physically present but your mind is elsewhere?

If you want to save time, reach creative solutions which not only solve the problem BUT get everyones buy-in too, you need to be running your meeting in the Thinking Environment! How do you do that? Sign up for one of the programmes listed below or book an in-house bespoke session:

Transforming meetings: In this one-day workshop, learn more about the ten components of the Thinking Environment and the three building blocks for productive meetings.

A Master Class in the Thinking Environment: Discover the ten components and the five building blocks to transform your communication with peers and colleagues, and build skills as collaborative teams. You can use your new skills immediately to enhance communication and connection.

The Mentoring programme teaches mentor how to transfer knowledge and mentees to grow in their abilities of thinking for self in a half-day workshop.

The Diversity programme takes participants beyond the every day focus of diversity to embrace diversity of thinking; to share the value of everybody matters and everyone’s thinking is valued. Transform how diverse thinkers can work together in this half-day workshop.

The workplace workshops are ideal if:

  • You are a manager or member of a high-conflict team.
  • Your meetings are unproductive.
  • As the leader, you must also be an equal participant during team-building or other sessions.

Need a bespoke solution?

As a relationship expert and coach, Steph uses her 30 years’ experience and training in various coaching modalities to create a bespoke solution for your team.

Her dynamic facilitating style ensures that your team gets the most out of the group sessions to vastly improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and create a harmonious co-working atmosphere.

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Integrative Enneagram Facilitation

Improve your team dynamics with the Integrated Enneagram facilitation.

The Enneagram is a system that categorises people into nine personality types based on their emotional outlook. It is, however, not aimed at boxing or limiting people, but to provide insight into our strengths and shortcomings to improve relationships among team members.

Integrative Enneagram Wheel English copy 2

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